KSM partnered with a top-tier global pharmaceutical client to design, build, and deploy a cloud-based platform to accelerate clinical data analysis. The client’s primary goal was to reduce the conversion time from raw clinical data to submission-ready assets, while maintaining and enhancing data integrity throughout the processing pipeline. A secondary goal was to reduce dependence on on-premises infrastructure, following a corporate initiative to migrate critical business functions to the cloud.

This platform comprises multiple web applications and microservices deployed on Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service. It supports controlled execution of polyglot analyses in R, Python, SAS, and any other tool that can be executed from a container. A Kubernetes-native execution engine in the Domino Data Science platform executes these analyses according to configurable processing graphs that can be easily adapted to match changing business and regulatory requirements. All processing is fully audited to demonstrate complete control of the integrity of the data and the processing, from start to finish, as required by GxP and ALCOA+ guidelines.

This is a multi-vendor, multi-year program. It will replace legacy software that KSM has helped our client maintain and enhance for over 15 years. KSM both architected and delivered the code in multiple product increments, following the SAFe agile framework. 


Jan 5, 2022


KSM Technology Partners